Roma campaigners dismiss Brussels’ claim on evictions and expulsions

News article originally published in the Guardian on Thursday 25 August 2011. A year after a succession of countries in Europe began breaking up Roma encampments and expelling hundreds of EU citizens back mainly to Romania, the European commission has claimed it is winning the battle to protect citizens’ right to free movement across the bloc. But advocates of Roma rights have warned […]

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Getting off our knees?

Article originally published in Red Pepper in November, 2010. ‘Austerity strikes roil Europe’ – Christian Science Monitor; ‘Anti-austerity protests sweep across Europe’ – Associated Press; ‘European cities hit by anti-austerity protests’ – BBC. From the nigh-on identical, panicked headlines that raced around the world on 29 September, the day of the pan-European day of action […]

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The rise of European Bobo politics

Feature originally published in Red Pepper in August 2009. The success of Europe Ecologie in France and moderate advances elsewhere in the June European elections have emboldened the green right but disaster in Ireland, where the party was wiped out – and to a lesser extent in the Czech Republic – shows what happens when they […]

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