Dawkins vs democracy

Opinion piece originally appeared in Red Pepper on 22 May 2013. Richard Dawkins, professional atheist and Twitter provocateur, has branched out beyond his recent foray into Muslim journalist-baiting to offer his recommendations for parliamentary reform. Following Labour ex-minister Frank Field’s call for the new Archbishop of Canterbury to give up the 25 seats the Church of England appoints to […]

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The TB drugs don’t work

This article was originally published on the Nature News blog on 17 October, 2012.  The good news is that tuberculosis prevention efforts appear to have broken the back of the spread of the disease, according to the World Health Organisation’s latest annual report on the scourge, with new cases of TB falling by 2.2% between 2010 and […]

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North Carolina Sea Level Rises Despite State Senators

News article appeared in Scientific American in June, 2012. Could nature be mocking North Carolina’s law-makers? Less than two weeks after the state’s senate passed a bill banning state agencies from reporting that sea-level rise is accelerating, research has shown that the coast between North Carolina and Massachusetts is experiencing the fastest sea-level rise in […]

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The ninth art meets the fourth estate

Feature originally published in Red Pepper in the January 2011 edition. Tracing the emergence of comic-book journalism Traditional print journalism may be in crisis, with once‑mighty, agenda-setting oak trees of national and regional newspapers in fear of felling. But elsewhere, the bright green buds of a new form of journalism are sprouting. Comic-book journalism, or, as it is […]

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